Listen to Mima Good's Good Girl EP

Mima Good, whose real name is Raechel Rosen and stage name is an amalgam of murdered witches from the Salem era, released her debut EP today, Good Girl. It's a bluesy pop record a few years in the making that deals with abuse in her prior band, at the hands of a previous partner and bandmate.

INTERVIEW: Mima Good "Bad For Me"

Witches talk back nowadays. Raechel Rosen, aka Mima Good, walks an interesting tightrope thematically; her music weaves together the historical oppression of women with music that more readily brings to mind a candlelit boudoir. It's the playful banter between hi-concept undertones and sexuality that make her

Song Premiere: Mima Good "Bad For Me"

If being a good girl is doing as grandma says, we're screwed. It's imposed on every female identifying person that there's a specific protocol to follow in order to be considered good-sit straight, close your legs, don't sleep around, don't look alive!

Mima Good at The Basement

Mima Good. More like, Mima is SO Good! Touring from New York, Mima seemed to have made a wave of new fans on Wednesday, June 28th, at The Basement with her dark and stormy soul voice, mixed with electro pop beats.

Getting Bad at The Good Girl Party

Don't let the event name fool you. The Good Girl Party was bursting with badass ladies who shredded everybody to the bone. The night wasn't just about powerful females in rock 'n roll. It also provided patrons with independent publications and designer vendors offering feminist zines, accessories and art.

Femmequerade: The Witch Ball Recap

BY LIZ VON KLEMPERER with PHOTOS BY LEAH BANK On October 25, Greenpoint's Good Room was transformed into a femme haven for the second Femmequerade Ball. The mission of the gathering was to both rally against toxic masculinity and honor the divine feminine through music, dance and revelry.

Feminist rockers

At WYBCx Yale Radio's season-opener Saturday, Raechel Rosen circumcised a banana to close the set of her band, The Coven of Mima Good. Intending to give a voice to artists frequently rendered voiceless in mainstream society, co-organizers A.R. Canzano '18 and Sara McCartney '19 selected an all-female line-up for its first show of the year, McCartney said.

mima good

Dozens of women and femmes will descend upon the Good Room in Greenpoint this Thursday to party until that oppressive cis-white-male toxic-masculinity is done for. Or at least they're gonna try.